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Super Large Wedding Cake


Large Cheese Wedding CakeOur super large wedding cake has plenty of cheese for approx 160+ people

We’ve kept this so simple really so you can see the cheeses for themselves and decorate how you wish – it would work beautifully with flowers to match your day or grapes and figs and nuts piled around  to rustic raffia, wooden hearts and cute clay mice or even our slate hearts – your chance to be creative!

If you like this cake but it’s too large, read below for alternative option

The base layer is approx 13″ diameter

Cost £265

Base/1st tier: Montgomery Cheddar– this is one of the finest traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Cheddars you are likely to come across. Wonderful, rich delicious nutty flavours

Base/2nd tier: Cornish Blue – this previous Gold World Cheese Award winner is a delicious farmhouse blue cheese which is a delicate, sweet mild creamy blue yet still has a distinctive character

3rd tier: Delice Bourgogne  – A decadent luscious, soft triple cream, melt in the mouth, cheese from Burgandy!  Divine!

4th tier: Baby Cornish Yarg – This unique nettle wrapped cheese is always a crowd pleaser, it looks superb and taste as good.  Delicately light, between a Wensleydale and Caerphilly

Top tier: Dorstone – Individual fresh goats milk cheese covered in ash with a beautiful wrinkled rind. A lovely creamy texture with zesty notes

You can now order on-line, please do choose a delivery date at least two days before your wedding/party date

We like you to order well in advance, a minimum of two weeks notice is usual, so we are ready here at West Country Cheese to make sure each of the cheeses arrive with you in perfect condition ready for the big event.  However, we’ll do all we can to accommodate short notice requests without compromising quality

Of course, we do bespoke cakes, so for any special requests or for more info, call now on: 01271 379944 or email us: enquiry@westcountrycheese.co.uk

If you like this cake but it’s far too large, remove the large 6-7kg base cheddar and replace the Cornish Blue (which is approx 10 inches diameter) with a 4kg Quickes Mature cheddar (base on our red roses cake) and you have a slightly smaller cake, but still large enough for a party size of approx 90 – 120+ people

Click on £265 for this super large cake as you see it or click on £175 for smaller option with 4kg Cheddar base – we will always confirm your order back to you

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