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Summer Cheese Board – A West Country Representation

We were recently asked the question from a food blogger “What would appear on your summer cheeseboard”, “I’d love some West Country representation” read our mouth watering response. Be warned you will want to eat cheese and drink wine immediately once you’ve read it!!!!

“I could say that I really should choose late summer cheeses in as much as cheeses made from the milk of cows who have been out grazing on lovely grass for months, this imparts a wonderful flavour that gives late summer cheeses the edge! Or..I could say it depends where you are serving this cheeseboard..conjure up camping by the beach (we live by the coast) and I see baby mozzarella with slow roasted yellow tomatoes (from the fire) with a bit of sea salt and basil or some boille’s (little goats cheeses – in herbs and garlic slavered on some crisp,thin slightly grilled bread which soaks up the herb juices, maybe throw on a couple of blackened and sweet slow roasted peppers but for a proper cheeseboard I’d be tempted to go for some Manchego – an aged sheeps milk cheese which by the way goes superbly with a bit of apricot jam or a slab of Pecorino dolce drizzled with some raw honey.

But, if we are keeping it local (Devon) I would choose Sharpham’s Rustic garlic & chive – delicate, with a hint of garlic and chives along with a chunk of our local Taw Valley Vintage (you really need to try this cheddar), it’s salty, and creamy and crunchy…..pass the pickled onions..and my final one would be Rosary Herb – a soft, spreadable, delicate creamy soft goats cheese…superb with some crisp sauvignon blanc…..mmm, I can feel a drink coming on do you???.