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Godminster cheddar heart

Ask Them with Cheese

As 2016 is a leap year it’s traditionally the perfect time for those marriage proposals – but did you ever wonder why we have leap years? Well the real reason is to keep our calendar in alignment with the sun, without the extra day we would lose almost six hours every year, it was introduced by Julius Caesar in his Julian Calendar in 45 BCE. The tradition of women asking men to marry them on... »

Cheese for Valentines

Cheese for Valentines

For the perfect end to a Valentines Dinner… Love is in the air….can you believe it’s nearly February? And it’s less than a month until the most romantic day of the year is upon us once again. If you are planning a special romantic dinner at home, don’t forget the cheese course.  A great cheeseboard will always impress, especially if your special other is a bit of a cheese fan (and you ... »


Oh Debbie, thank you! The cake was just lovely!  We’ll  pop in when we are in Barnstaple in the summer to say Hi and see more of your lovely cheese/mice! Thanks again for all of your help and kindness, I am very grateful for all of you’ve done.  Kindest regards, Cathy Hi Debbie, I just thought I would send you a picture of our beautiful wedding cake when it was all made up. Everyone ab... »

Taste of the West Gold Awards 2013

Taste of the West Gold Awards 2013

In recognition of all the hard work that we have put in, we are thrilled to tiny little pieces to have won four prestigious Taste of the West awards. We are particularly proud to have been given a GOLD in the category of Best Speciality Retailer/Deli. The esteemed Taste of the West awards highlight excellence throughout the South West’s food and drink industry, recognising not only the fines... »