Cheese Wedding Cake

Devon Oke


Devon Oke Cheddar has a lovely rustic outer rind, with a creamy, delicate flavour.  Cutting one of these deep Cheddars in half makes it ideal as a base for our smaller Cheese Wedding Cakes or as a centrepiece for a party


Cheese Wedding CakeDevon Oke 

Approx 8.5 inches in diameter

Cut to approx 2 -2.2 kg in weight, which will feed a further 30+ people

Use Devon Oke cheese under the small rustic celebration cake or Gerbera cake or any of our smaller cakes.  Devon Oke is shown here popped under the bottom two cheeses used in both the Small Rustic & Gerbera cake – See our small rustic cake

Devon Oke has a lovely rustic edible outer rind, which gives a little nuttiness to the flavour.  It is a superb, creamy cheddar style cheese. Made here in North Devon.

We half the Devon Oke Cheddar for these smaller cakes to give a lovely 2.2kg cut piece.

Can also be purchased seperately, ideal for a party