Fine Cheese Selection


Mouthwateringly good – definitely ‘cheese to please’ on Mothers Day.  Don’t forget to add some crackers or other goodies to really impress.  Price includes all four cheeses, a lovely card gift box, one of our precious bespoke clay Monty mice and a personalised gift card.


A fine cheese selection, if ever there was, what mother could resist!   A decadent gift box of  stunning top quality cheeses. Different, and interesting too – just like mum!

Premiere Kaltbach Gruyère (200g)
This fruity, tangy Gruyère is a genuine classic Swiss hard cheese.  Attentive care and the ageing process in the sandstone caves of Kaltbach are what makes KALTBACH Gruyère AOP a very special cheese.  iIs unmistakeable appearance and lingering after-taste will win over any cheese-lover.. Cow, Unpasteurised

Livarot AOC (whole cheese in a 250g box)
An exquisite soft, pungent washed rind cheese.   One of the oldest monastic French cheeses from the Normandy region. Distinguished by its washed rind  encircled with strips of sedge leaves to keep it under control.  Slightly nutty, meltingly delicious taste with a slight spiciness. An exquisite French pungent soft cheese which makes a wonderful addition to this cheese selection box. Cow, Unpasteurised

Chaource 250g
A discerningly good soft creamy cheese.  Similar to Coeurs Neufchatel but creamier and with a hint of mushroom.  This delightful French cheese has been made in the same village since the 14th century.  It is made only in the Champagne region and this is the AOC UNPASTEURISED  Cow, Unpasteurised

Boille Goats Cheese Pearls (160g jar)
Goats cheese pearls are made to a traditional recipe.  These are little balls of delicious soft, creamy goats cheese gently marinated with herbs and peppercorns in a delicate garlic infused oil.   Ideal for salads, snacks and picnics, the oil is perfect for a dressing.  Try Boilíe Irish Goat’s Cheese with a mixed leaf, apple and walnut salad – divine!


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