Individual baby cheeses
Individual cheesesIndividual cheesesIndividual baby cheeses

Individual Baby Cheeses

Having a tea party, girlie lunch or want to give a memorable treat to somebody special.   Our delightful selection of small individual cheeses will delight.  Add a personalised label and luxury gift box for a memorable gift.  It’s also great for sharing

1. Choose any of these individual baby cheeses to make up your own cheese board and we’ll pack them off to you in a simple outer (you can add cut cheese too)

2. Add one of our gift boxes to your order to make this a special gift of individual cheeses


Delightful Individual baby cheeses – pick a selection for a decadent treat for somebody special.  Add a luxury gift box, and/or a personalised element (see our Godminster hearts) and you’ll elevate your cheese gift to a memorable one!

Trou du Cru
Trou du Cru is an extremely pungent French cheese.  For a period of three weeks it is washed with Marc de Bourgogne, a strong alcohol which imparts it’s flavour onto these little delights, so you have a waft of alcohol.  It has a lovely fluid, oozing interior.  It is essentially a baby Epoisses.  Add it to your entertaining list of cheeses, it’s worthy! Serves 1

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Figue a la Rose
Figue a la Rose – 135g – This beauty of a fresh cheese is made from unpasteurised goat’s milk, it has beautiful notes of milk and rose, this comes from a bath in rose scented essential oils and a dusting of rose petals. The interior is white, compact and slightly wet with a delicate light milky flavour. Serves 1 to 2

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Langres – 200g – Langres is a French cow’s milk cheese with an interesting wrinkled rind which adds textural interest.  It’s sumptuous, creamy and powerful and develops a dense creamy core with a luscious creamy yet savoury finish. Serves 2/3  

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Eve Goats Cheese – 150g – A beauty of a goats cheese, washed lightly with cider brandy and then wrapped in a vine leaf.  It is a meltingly soft cheese. Serves 2.

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Dorstone – 180g – A superb delicate fresh and light goats cheese made by Neal’s Yard Creamery, nr Dorstone, Herefordshire. Sprinkled in salt and rolled in charcoal, they are black & white wrinkled looking cheeses with a mousse-like fluffly texture. Serves 2 Goats, Unpasteurised, Non Vegetarian  

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Godminster Heart shaped Cheddar, purple waxed and heart shaped – it’s unique! It’s also a seriously strong, yet deliciously creamy soft vintage cheddar made on Bruton Farm in Somerset to organic standards. Add one of our heart labels for a lovely personalised gift

200g (serves 2/3)

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400g version (serves 5/6)

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Heart Label

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Godminster heart shaped cheddar

West Country Cheese-20130421-3643
Cheddar Hearts.We provide these lovely cute little cut-out cheddar hearts week after week for our Wedding Cheese Cake customers – to decorate their cakes with.  Why not add these to your party order, they make a fun addition and are very,very tasty too.  We use a mature vintage cheddar which has a lovely crunch and creamy morish finish. Each heart will serve 1

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Chabichou is a delighfully textured little goats cheese with it’s wrinkled rind.  It is delicately light with a lemony flavour which tastes of the milk itself.   Grassy and fresh with a luscious creamy interior.  It’s better than almost anything sweet!  Serves 2  

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Carboncino is a soft, rich and creamy Italian cheese made in the Peidmont region of Italy.  Crafted using ancient recipes and artisanal methods and made with equal quantities of cow, ewe and goat’s milk. A fabulous ash coated outer and luscious soft, creamy interior with a very slight tangy flavour coming from the goat milk and sweetness associated with cow and sheeps milk.  

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Luxury Gift Box We’ll take the time to hand pick and make your gift extra special and memorable, by packaging them in one of our lovely gift card boxes.  Our high quality card gift boxes come in a no. of sizes so may vary to the one shown, although all similar quality. We fill our boxes with lovely natural shred and then pop in an outer postal box. We also include a pretty gift card which we hand write (you can let us know your personalised message at checkout)

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West Country Cheese

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