Cheese lovers cheese gift


For cheese lovers across the land this is a sinful combo of cheeses with irresistible heart shaped crackers for dunking and oh so sweet onions, be warned they are rather addictive!   A rather wondrous, nibbler’s delight and great gift idea.

Make it personal:  Don’t forget we can put your very own personalised message onto one of our kraft heart tags for the Godminster – no extra charge. Make it special

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Little cheese gifts of loveThis Cheese Lovers cheese gift includes the following:

Godminster Organic Cheddar, 400g heart – purple waxed and heart shaped – it’s unique! It’s also a seriously strong, yet deliciously creamy soft vintage cheddar made on Bruton Farm in Somerset to organic standards


Epoisses de Bourgogne, 250g box – yet another luscious legendary French cheese.  It is made in the Epoisses de Bourgogneheart of Burgundy where the milk comes from cows which have grazed for three months in the meadows nearby.  To become Epoisses as we know it, the cheese is first washed in salt water and kept in a humid cellar.  After a month it is washed with a mix of rainwater and Marc de Bourgogne’s spirit (a traditional brandy made from the pomace of Burgundian wines) two to three times a week

Bay Tree Baby Pickled OnionsBay Tree Baby Pickled Onions, 227g jar – these are superb pop in your mouth sized baby onions.  Marinated in a deliciously irresistable sweeter than normal balsamic vinegar and combined with honey, they are tasty. Delicious with a strong tasty cheddar – these are moreish little beauties!


Fudges Poppy and Sesame biscuits – these are a delectable find. Thomas J Fudge’s savoury range isheart shaped crackersa cheese lover’s dream and these delicious heart shaped biscuits are scrumptious. Perfect with cheese, particularly strong cheddar

Comes wrapped in a lovely card gift box, complete with personalised gift tag and our cute clay monty mouse

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