Slow baked fig balls
Baked Fig Ball

Slow Baked Fig Balls


Slow baked Calabrian fig balls from Southern Italy – a triumph!


Slow baked fig balls

Delicious slow baked calabrian fig balls

Slow Baked Fig Balls

These Calabrian Slow Baked Fig Balls come from Southern Italy.

They are delectable juicy figs which are bursting with flavour which are slow cooked for hours at a very low temperature.  At this point they are sticky with caramelised fig juices.  They are then shaped into balls and encased in vine leaves

Truly magnificent and as you can imagine, they transform a very good cheese board into a sublime experience.

Irresistible with fresh pecorino, ricotta and other creamy cheeses.  Also, delicious with meats and ice-cream.

A very worthy treat