Morn Dew


Morn Dew cheese is a superb example of a fine West Country artisan cheese



Morn Dew is made by White Lake Cheeses at Bagborough Farm in Somerset, which is right in the heart of the cattle-farming and Cheddar producing mainland of north Somerset, but they are no ordinary cheese producer. The majority of cheese that White Lake make is from goat’s milk and they produce over 10 types of superb artisan cheeses.

Morn Dew is made with rich, Guernsey milk which gives this cheeses it’s lovely golden colour and creamy flavour. It is a washed rind cheese, traditionally associated with French cheeses.   The washing process affects the texture and look which is slightly red, soft and sticky on the rind, with a distinctive smell.  It has a soft  textured interior with a delicate creamy, almost sweet taste

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Cow, Vegetarian, Unpasteurised

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