Munster cheese




800g whole cheese


Munster cheeseMunster is made from milk produced by cows living in the region between Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté in France.

This cheese is wonderfully soft  with a deliciously sticky washed rind.  The washing process creates it’s lovely distinct orange colour and pungent aroma.

Don’t let the smell put you off.  The interior is creamy smooth with a beautiful succulent texture.  It has a tangy, savoury flavour with a fruity finish

800g – will feed approx 10 people

Unpasteurised cows milk, Non Vegetarian

Interesting Fact:  Apparently back in the seventh century Irish monks settled in what is now called Munster Valley in Alsace. They created “Munster Kaes”, their goal being to preserve milk and feed their people.

Tip:  Make a meal of it with potatoes, salad and finely chopped onions.  Serve with a good beer or a full bodied red wine.