Manchego is quite distinctive with its herringbone design on the inedible rind. This Ewe’s milk cheese is hard, nutty & aromatic.



Manchego cheese is protected by its DenominaciĆ³n de Origen. This controls its production and ensures the exclusive use of milk only from the Manchega Ewe, and dictates an aging period (in natural caves) of a minimum of two months.

The taste of Manchego depends on the maturity: mild is subtle and fresh to strong and full-bodied with a tangy farmhouse flavour.

The taste is very distinctive, slightly salty but not too strong with a slight creaminess with the characteristic aftertaste of Ewe’s mik. It has a grainy texture.

Manchego is available in three different states of maturity, this one is 3-6 months old (curado). It is a firm cheese with a golden colour and small holes.

Traditionally enjoyed with Membrillo (quince jelly) or serve as tapas.

Ewe, Pasteurised

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