Brie de Meaux


Brie de Meaux is a buttery, earthy and delicious world class brie.  A soft oozing texture and mushroom and fruity aromas.  Complex and one of the best French brie’s available



Brie de MeauxBrie de Meaux is a classic artisan cheese from France, steeped in history.  First created in the middle ages by monks, when it was first discovered.  This cheeses is an absolute classic.  Unlike normal bries, whose origins are not protected, Brie de Meaux has AOC status, which means it can only be matured in a certain area in the Ile-de-France near Paris and made to stringent standards.

This is a raw, soft unpasteurised cow’s milk brie.  It has a very smooth, rich luscious soft oozing texture and complex, yet soothing flavour.

Buttery sweet, earthy flavour with mushroom and fruity aroma’s.  It is unarguably the King of cheeses!

Cow, Unpasteurised

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