Cashel Blue


The original Irish Farmhouse Blue



Cashel blue is Ireland’s original farmhouse blue and after 31 years, is in the hands of the 2nd generation Cashel Blueand still being made by hand. Over half the milk comes from the farms own selected Holstein-Fresian cows with the remaining from local herds nearby.

By 3 months of maturation, Cashel Blue is a cheese with a rich full flavour with character.

The buttery yellow interior is moist with edible surface mould which is intrisic to the cheese.   This contributes to the breaking down of the paste adding further flavour and complexity.

It has a lovely full creamy texture and deep tang to finish.

Interesting Fact:  Cashel Blue is named after the historic “Rock of Cashel,” a medieval castle that was once the seat of the Kings of Munster and where lore has it St Patrick commenced the conversion of the pagan Irish to Christianity by using a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, giving birth to one of Ireland’s national symbols.

1.5kg Cashel will feed over 20 people

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