Cornish Yarg


Handmade and wrapped in nettles gives Cornish Yarg its beautiful and unique finish.


Product Description

Cornish Yarg is handmade by Lynher Dairies, just outside Truro in Cornwall.

This unique¬†cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves which are picked wild from the surrounding area. TheyCornish Yarg are carefully brushed onto the cheese for a beautiful and unusual finish. ¬†Cornish Yarg is a semi-hard cheese, slightly creamy and crumbly, it’s texture is between a cheddar and caerphilly, as it matures it becomes softer around the edges

The flavour is fresh & lemony when the cheese is young becoming more aromatic with age and the edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy flavour as the cheese matures

Please Note: As this is a naturally mould-ripened cheese, it can produce moulds that vary in colour – from a white dusty covering when young, to a light brown mould as the cheese matures. This is completely natural and does not affect the taste in any way.

Cow, Vegetarian, Pasteurised

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